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Spreading the Gospel Through Community Development





Strong Families Deliverance Ministries Inc. is a Christian organization that offers support throughout the community to individuals and families in low income neighborhoods. Through our actions, we spread the word of God; the work that we do is directly influenced by our faith and, by knowing that helping those in need is not only uplifting our community, it's uplifting God's kingdom.


We restore broken lives by reconstructing homes; we purchase property and completely restore and renovate it from the ground up. We specialize in finding employment as well as low-income housing for families, especially those currently living in New York City family shelters. We are also involved with community outreach projects, Project SWEAT, and other services.

Constructing, Community Development in Bronx, NY


For more than 20 years, our work has allowed thousands of low income families, and people who have been living in shelters, the opportunity to have a place to call home.


We have developed and continue to develop:


Section 8 Housing Units

Special Needs Housing

Housing for those with HIV


Senior Citizen Housing

Temporary Housing

• "First Home Owners" Housing







Elder Michael Strong is the Chief Director of Strong Families, and has been working in community development for over 30 years. In 1979 he started working as a Job Developer with the Archdiocese of New York City, and has been assisting people with their employment searches ever since. From 1988 - 1998 he was Assistant Director of the 163rd Street Improvement Council. He collaborated with the late Reeves Dixon, who was the Director at the time, in helping countless families with finding homes and improving their quality of life. He has been a licensed contractor since 2002, which authorizes him to facilitate building development projects throughout the New York City area. He has been bettering the community for over three decades, and continues to bring people happiness and closer to God.     




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